Stream: Ginger Minj “Double Wide Diva” Album
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RuPaul’s Drag Race standout (Season 7, All Stars Season 2 and Season 6), Ginger Minj, has released her third studio album, Double Wide Diva, today, Friday, September 17. The skillfully self-proclaimed “Glamour Toad” is tapping into her own life story to share a collection of authentic and empowering songs, revealing a never-before-seen side of Ginger Minj. Fans […]

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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: “Social Constructs of Beauty, Gender, & Identity are Illusory”- FLESH

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Age: 21

Location: London, England


“Hey uglies, it’s Flesh…London’s retro-futurist fashion doll!

I first encountered drag at London Pride in 2019 and I jumped at the opportunity to explore it for myself. My drag is heavily influenced by my background in history and literature (I am currently a finalist at the University of Oxford), as well as my avid consumption of pop culture and art. I pride myself on my commitment to fantasy and the breadth of my references. This is why I’m so often drawn to the past’s visions of the future: I feel this is the true realm of fantasy because it is both idealistic but also detached from our world.

With my drag, I like to combine my interests in corsetry, with these historical and fashion influences, to create impossible doll-like proportions and that signature Flesh flare. My aim is to cultivate a fresh perspective on glamour and style that embodies both classical and contemporary ideals. I’ve always believed that drag’s transformative power can be seen as a pushback against society’s drive to control the way that we look and behave. I use my drag as a tool for reclaiming that power and showing others that social constructs of beauty, gender, and identity are illusory and we can take them off as easily as we put them on.”

Instagram: feeltheflesh

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