Watch: Alaska Thunderfuck  “All That She Wants” feat. Bosco
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Alaska Thunderfuck’s new album Red 4 Filth is finally here! To celebrate, she dropped a music video for her cover of Ace of Base’s All That She Wants. The video premiered on and stars Bosco. Alaska’s new album, Red 4 Filth, is available on all digital platforms.

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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: “My Drag Is Somewhere In-Between a Human & a Creature”- AARON DELUCOIRE

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Aaron Delucoire

Age: 27

Location: The Hague, Netherlands


“My drag journey started 3 years ago but I was already into makeup years way before that. At first, I started
using makeup to cover my insecurities; and as time progressed, I started adding more steps in my makeup routine and refining my techniques. I am now at this point that I have been able to embrace all of my imperfections. I don’t use makeup to cover up anymore but rather as a form of therapy and a way to let my imagination run wild. I have a thing for creative and/or asymmetrical looks. It’s either that or I just can’t be bothered to do the same thing on the other side of my face.

I consider my drag genderfluid, just as I am, having both qualities of femininity and masculinity. Drag is
limitless. Drag is whatever you want it to freaking be! My drag is somewhere in between a human and a creature… so, basically, try to imagine someone who is going through a mutation or if you were to throw someone in a radioactive area and pick them up after a couple of years…you’ll get my drag style.

I believe that once we fully love and accept ourselves and finally feel safe with our surroundings. It becomes
our responsibility to create safe places for other queer people because we all now brutal this society can be.

That is why I do drag! It’s to create that safe space where queer people can finally feel that they are
fully accepted and praised for simply being themselves. That temporary safe place where no matter where you are from, your color, your body type, your height, your gender, your sexuality…you are freaking beautiful and I am there to freaking celebrate that with you!”


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