RuPaul’s Drag Race Star AJA Celebrates Gay Pride w/ New Album & Live NYC Concert!!!
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Aja spent the months of quarantine pushing the boundaries of their creativity into a whole new direction in music, dance, video, fashion…and a whole new outlook on life. The result…their second album, CROWN– which incorporates themes of spirituality, fame, race, class, gender, and sexuality. Catch Aja perform the full album live for the first time for NYC […]

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Watch: Adam Joseph Goes Bird Watchin’ in “Size Queen” feat. DJ Inox

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Hey Qween’s band leader/DJ/singer/Bitch Track creator extraordinaire Adam Joseph is always up to shenanigans and things, creating club bangers from iconic verbal slay moments from RuPaul’s Drag Race…which has kept Miss Josephinta super busy. But her latest track Size Queen with DJ Inox references her talent for smooth beats and lyrics, always with a nod to the LGBT community. Check out the vid below directed by Joseph, focusing on one of my fave summertime hobbies…crotch watching!!! Size Queen is out now on iTunes(screengrab via video)


Adam Joseph:

“I self-produced and directed this after seeing the original hetero-normative official music video made by my collaborator. This song was quite an obstacle to create after a different (straight) music producer told me that they couldn’t release it or attach their name to it, because of the topic. There was even another gay music producer I inquired to about working on it suggested I change the title of the song. I am dedicated to creating art that celebrates our LGBT culture; and realized, throughout the process of creating this project, how far we have to go before we are equally accepted.”

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