Watch: Alaska Thunderfuck  “All That She Wants” feat. Bosco
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Alaska Thunderfuck’s new album Red 4 Filth is finally here! To celebrate, she dropped a music video for her cover of Ace of Base’s All That She Wants. The video premiered on and stars Bosco. Alaska’s new album, Red 4 Filth, is available on all digital platforms.

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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday feat. Dshock

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Age:  29

Location: Milan, Italy


“I started to do my club kid stuff in 2008, inspired by the fierce Milan nightlife from that year and the movie Party Monster. I’m most recognized for my fully pierced face and 3D makeup. These are components of my look that I bring with me since the beginning… improving them, changing the looks, but not the style.
My real name is Davide and my club kid name is Dshock. I can say that people inspired me to find my name because they called my style ‘shock’…also; because when I started, I would wear makeup and crazy outfit 24/7. I like my real name…it’s so historical and I’ve always seen myself as one person…’D’ is for Davide and ‘Shock’ for my style.
What I love most about being Dshock and working in clubs and events is the opportunity to travel around the world and meet amazing artists and people. This is so inspiring and has helped me to grow up as an artist and person.”

Instagram: dshock3

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