#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: Christeene’s “Lo Paid Runway Model” Reflects a Time When The Concept of Love was Visceral, Even in Its Fraudulency
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New York’s feral icon of the underground, Christeene, has shared another taste of her upcoming new album Midnite Fukk Train (Out 11/11) with the new single Lo Paid Runway Model. As if plucked off the airwaves of a 70s-era, AM radio station broadcasting in hell, the song shows a softer side of the artist, as she conducts her affectionately named, […]

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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: DAYA BETTY Got That Yummy Yum!!!

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Daya Betty

Age: 24

Location: Chicago, Illinois


Daya Betty (yes, pronounced like diabetes) is an alternative glam girl that looks like a biotch but is sweeter than honey. And to answer the question you are probably asking yourself right about now – yes, I am a diabetic (type one baby!). Born from the dive bar scene in Springfield, MO, Daya Betty is known for her punk-rock approach to glamour; heavily drawing performance, and visual inspiration from sex-positive musicians such as Brooke Candy. Because of the COVID pandemic, it has given me a little extra time to use some editing techniques and visual references I have learned throughout my time in fine arts school, to enhance Daya’s social media platform- marrying the world of graphic design with her drag persona. Although Daya doesn’t mind the digital drag era, I’d say what she misses most (pre-COVID) is being able to stunt with her Get Dusted drag sisters at the club. One thing that shocks a lot of people when meeting Daya in person is that she is one tall bitch. I stand a striking 6′4″ out of heels! So, in Daya’s tallest pair of platforms, she tends to tower over some of her fellow performers by well-over a foot. This may seem intimidating to some, but once you watch me perform or strike up a conversation with me- you’ll go home and realize that you are craving more.”

Instagram: dayabetty

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