#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: “An Out and Proud Lesbian Drag Queen”- Fāy Ludes
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QWERRRKOUT TUESDAY just got a whole lot QTer… New queers featured every week!

Tag us, take a pic of us and follow us on Instagram at QWERRRKOUT, and you too could be the next, featured QT! YOU BETTA QWERRRK! Oh…and don’t forget to check out Mx Qwerrrk’s super snout chasin’, Spotify Playlist “VOGUING MAX” below, and get the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW “Notorious P.I.G.” merch HERE!!! (Fāy Ludes’s pics via […]

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Watch: Trinity The Tuck is Barely Recognizable in “Witch” (dir.Tyler Stone)

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Monday a bitch On holiday at bitch Doomsday a bitch Every day a bitch Français Les bitch Every time a bitch Yesterday a bitch Burn the witch She’s so mean she’s a problematic queen She’ll collect your fucking head before she steps out on the scene She’s a what She’s a bitch she’s a dirty rotten witch burned her at the stake then put her in a ditch She’s so dirty she’s so rude but she puts you in the mood She’s a tiger she’s in heat she’s an enigmatic beast She’s a hedonistic freak but she really makes you think While you’re rubbing on your man getting freaky to this beat bitch I’ll never be what you want me to be Get out of my face Rude crude unapologetic mood On the mic or when she tweets she’ll shut down your attitude She’s no Disney princess she’s a weapon in a dress Not a damsel in distress like a busted hot mess Independent supreme with a touch of obscene She’ll mop the floor with your dollar store looks until it’s clean Oh my God chill the f*ck out can’t take the jokes that are coming out her mouth Take a f*cking pill if you know what I mean she’s just a f*cking drag queen I’ll never be what you want me to be Get out of my face It’s me! Your eminence has arrived I think it’s time we had a little chat stop being so sensitive you little brat Keep it sweet and keep it true or else auntie Taylor is coming to get you I am not the one with him to f*ck because I am Trinity The god damn Tuck.

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