#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: Cover Girl & “International Drag Pooper Star”- Grace Shush
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QWERRRKOUT TUESDAY just got a whole lot QTer… New queers featured every week! Tag us, take a pic of us and follow us on Instagram at QWERRRKOUT, and you too could be the next, featured QT! YOU BETTA QWERRRK! Oh…and don’t forget to GET YO LIFE in “Notorious P.I.G.” merch HERE!!! (Mx Qwerrrk pic by celeb photog Santiago Felipe, Grace Shush’s pics via Instagram, above pic via The […]

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Peter Philips…The new face of CHANEL

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Peter Philips is a make up artist who has recently literally turned “white” into the new “black”! After the departure of two of the most influential heads at Chanel, Dominique Moncourtois and Heidi Morawetz, Philips has been brought in as the new Creative Director of Chanel Make Up to sensibly redefine the face of today’s modern woman.

Chanel’s Fall 2008 collection drew inspiration from the graphic looks of the mod 1960’s with a nod to London pop punk culture in the form of singer Amy Winehouse beehive hairdos, White Satin nails, and unstinting inky blue black cat eye mascara. Classic smart tweedy waist jackets and sophisticated pencil skirts that the house is known for were accented by sparkly ebony Swarovski crystals on the bottom eyelids of alabaster skinned models. It’s these tiny details created by Belgian artist Peter Philips that keeps the iconic design house shining brilliantly.

A fashion design graduate of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, alma mater to the 80’s Antwerp 6 group of deconstructivist designers that includes Dirk Bikkenbergs, Dries Van Noten, and Ann Demeulemeester, Philips is now part of the next generation of creatives that has a trained astute eye for understated impactive design. He has found a way to reference a cinematographic mood with a film noir appeal that maintains edginess while still looking un-done. “I think north European countries can express the melancholy spirit of make up more naturally because of the way we’re grown up with so much old culture- nostalgia is melancholy!”

What Chanel expects from Philips has been carefully outlined and implemented over the last two years. The timeless Chanel image will seamlessly merge with the structural simplicity that Philips has produced recently in fashion and beauty campaigns for Chloe, Gucci, Armani, and Estee Lauder where individualism is not masked. Philips says, “Too much make up, too much anything is bad- balance it out. Make sure you don’t hide yourself. Don’t try to cover up too much of what you think is bad. If you have a proper neutral lipstick which you can use as a blush, you can do a lot”. It is this modern apparently effortless approach to make-up that is the essence of Chanel’s philosophy- audacious accessible elegance.

In today’s neo-culture where hyper imagery is marketed and consumed, Peter Philips is at the forefront of a new wave of minimalist aestheticism where less is truly more. Whether one chooses the punk history of Camden Town or the artistic Parisian chic of Montmartre as a point of reference for one’s look, Philips’ masterpieces are created to reveal self-assurance. “I believe that confidence is what makes a woman truly beautiful. And cosmetics are something that can make a woman feel special and give that luxury of confidence.” It is this visionary attitude and passion that makes Philips the archetype for the era of Chanel, fashion, and the way conventional beauty will be viewed- stated aplomb without apology!

Paisley Dalton

This article has been published with permission from WOUND magazine www.woundmagazine.com

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